At Nayak, we understand that lasting partnerships hold key to success and are the central strength to trust and transparency that defines how our business is conducted.

We are proud partners with some of the leading air carrier's in the world with global operations, a key facet allowing us the scope to offer a range of services valued by our customers.

Direct access to all prime logistical and freight handling capacities ensures that we rightly deliver air cargo at the correct destinations - in a time bound manner, sans any hassles.

Our key staff being DGR certified enables us to guide our clients through all the regulatory requirements.

Our staff are located on-site and on-call at major air freight hubs, ensuring all concerns regarding your cargo handling are taken care of in accordance with advanced security measurements and capacity assurance.

Our air freight services include:

  • B2B deliveries
  • Import and export shipments
  • International Air Direct and Consolidations Services
  • Customs clearance services
  • Labeling/palletizing/ bar-coding/packing/shrink wrapping and other Value Optimizing Services (V0S)
  • Cargo Security Management
Our Ocean Freight Services
  • Import and export
  • Refrigerated containerized
  • Full container load
  • Less-than-container load
  • Intermodal & multimodal
  • Haulage
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Customs clearance


At Nayak, it is a constant endeavor to deliver versatile cargo mobility for clients and when it comes to sea-freight,

we aspire to strike the right cost-time balance to cater to this large vertical of freight movement.

We aim to maximize affordability through sea movement and have forged strong partnerships with a host of reliable sea carriers.

We have organized a team that performs critical services needed to ensure timely bound delivery of ocean freight shipments.

We are also a registered MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator).


Our staff possesses extensive experience, proficiency and key operational skills toward appropriate handling and processing of important documentation in order to ensure smooth operations in this important step of cargo handling.

We appraise clients at every step regarding movement of their shipment in accordance with due regulations.

Our services include:
  • Storage (Temperature controlled, if necessary)
  • Pick and pack


Appropriate physical quality and space of logistical infrastructure enables us to provide clients with reliable and safe solutions. We retain our customers’ faith by stocking their precious cargo in safe and spacious confines of our truly world class warehousing facilities.

Our warehouse services are designed to meet varied business needs. Through dedicated shared warehouse services and pick & pack services, we provide convenience in operational framework for our clients.


GSSA's (General Sales & Service Agent) provide a valuable role in assisting airline principals to achieve a cost-effective presence in a market where it may be uneconomical for an airline to maintain its own sales force and premises.

The GSSA works on behalf of their airline principal providing a full range of freight forwarding and cargo services within a specified territory.

Understanding the need to adhere and abide by all important GSSA activities,

Nayak Air Pvt. Ltd. was established as an independent company in 2014 for promoting and carrying out such activities.

Nayak is proud to be working in the capacity of the GSA (India) for the national carrier of Papua New Guinea, AIR NIUGINI.

Necessary instructions to be borne in mind by our clients :
  • You must fully comply with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations when transporting such items.
  • You are responsible for identifying and classifying all dangerous goods, including packing, marking, labeling and documentation in compliance with regulations.
  • You must complete a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods and an air waybill for each consignment of dangerous goods.
  • For comprehensive details on the classification of dangerous goods, and any restrictions, it is hereby requested to refer to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations or the DGR section found under the Regulatory and Customs Guidetabof our website.

DGR Handling

Some items may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board. The air transportation of these can either be forbidden or restricted.

Our key staff is DGR certified to ensure we can guide you through all the regulatory requirements.


The only radioactive material that may be transported on a passenger carrying aircraft are those intended for use in, or incident to, research or medical diagnosis or treatment (radioisotopes).

We understand the regulations and the time sensitivity behind transporting radioisotopes.

Through the extensive knowledge of in-house DGR certified staff and our proven expertise, we assist you in determining the most safe and efficient way of ensuring timely delivery of your goods.

Our services include :
  • Project Freight Forwarding & Logistics
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Over Dimensional and Heavy Lift
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Customs
  • Livestock and Pets

Project and Heavy Shipment

Depending upon its size, nature and shape, a cargo project may hold specific needs. It may require special handling and project logistics which is an integral expertise offered by Nayak Group. We handle versatile cargo and cater to solutions pertaining to varied and complex cargo requirements.

VALUABLE CARGO (Secured Services)

Transportation of high value cargo demands uncompromising standards of security and confidentiality.

Our staff's expertise in global handling of high value cargo ensures secure and reliable delivery of precious consignments.

We work closely with clients to understand intricate requirements and help select flights that cater to precise demands.